Saturday, June 28, 2008


Our group at our elementary school.

We left today for home, though we didn't leave the hotel until noon. It took two hours to get to the airport, passing such sites as the Tokyo Tower and Disney Sea (complete with Ariel's castle). We waited in line for a long time to check in and were the last ones on the flight as it was overbooked. At least this time I had a window seat and could lean against the wall to try to sleep. My connection time in San Francisco was also very short and I barely made that flight. Now I am home but suffering from jet lag.

I am so grateful for my harmonious Ichinoseki group. We had a good mix of educational levels, teaching specialties, and ages, and got to go to a naturally beautiful place. I am also grateful to the JFMF Teacher Program for believing that it was important for us to spend three weeks in Japan and to get to know Japanese people by staying in their homes. My hosts were so welcoming and thoughtful.

I feel like I barely scratched the surface of Japan and want to go back, this time with Bill. One more place to add to our list!

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