Saturday, June 28, 2008


On our last full day I had some free time between sessions and went to see the Japanese Garden at the hotel across the street. It was on the 5th floor of the hotel on the side of a hill and was wonderful. You can see some views of it here.

Each of the groups had to report on their experiences in their assigned perfecture. Walter wrote us a song to sing:

that's where they left me
with the world's greatest friends.
First Morioka,
as I go through
"Watashi wa" once again.
Maybe I'll say it right this time,
Matt, help me out with a line.
A line, a line, a line...
a line, a line, a line...

as we find us
in the lobby at 8 AM.
Take the green book
for a second look
to find out where the day will end.
As we go see the junior high,
greatest kids we've ever seen in our lives.
Our lives, our lives, our lives...
Our lives, our lives, our lives...

Before teacher discussion
Taiko percussion,
then a band that could tour stateside.
Then the school song,
hundreds sing along,
feel so happy you could cry.
Only problem comes at night
Melanie has no red wine.
red wine, red wine, red wine...
red wine, red wine, red wine...

As our sleep breaks
for the earthquake,
and interrupts our quiet night.
5 point 0,
I don't know?
But it happened for three times.
What do we discuss among our friends?
Who's going to the Hundred Yen?
A yen, a yen, a yen...
a yen, a yen, a yen,...

Then the high school,
fall asleep and drool,
but it ain't jet lag this time.
Teachers are tired,
green tea to get wired,
unfortunately the last in line.
And I go spend the whole night,
filing pictures of shrines.
Of shrines, of shrines, of shrines...
of shrines, of shrines, of shrines...

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